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dir 1948-06 Treatment of the Narcotic Addict by the U.S. Public Health Service
dir 1950-04 The Lexington Herald
dir 1950-08 Chicago Sun-Times
dir 1951 Facts About Narcotics
dir 1951-06 True Detective and Victor Vogel letter to Editor
dir 1951-07-08 Courier Journal - Louisville-KY
dir 1951-09-17 Newsweek - The Junk War
dir 1951-10 Family Circle - The Horror of Dope
dir 1951-10-17 The Christian Evangelist - The Drug Addiction Menace
dir 1952 The Narcotic Menace
dir 1952-09 What Can We Do About The Drug Menace
dir 1953-05 Treatment of Drug Addiction - American Journal of Medicine
dir 1954 Narcotics and Narcotic Addiction
dir 1954 The Bane of Drug Addiction
dir 1954-05-05 Down Beat Magazine - Narcotics Anonymous Formed to Effect Cure
dir 1954-08-07 Saturday Evening Post - These Drug Addicts Cure One Another
dir 1956 Merchants of Misery
dir 1956-12 Federal Probation - Hospital Treatment of the Narcotic Addict
dir 1958 Mine Enemy Grows Older
dir 1958-01-10 Drug Addicts, USA
dir 1960 What's New - Part I
dir 1960 What's New - Part II
dir 1961 The Narcotic Officers Handbook
dir 1963 Narcotic Drug Addiction - Public Health Service Publication No. 1021
dir 1964 U.S. Public Health Service Patient Handbook P.30-31
dir 1965 Drug Addiction in Youth
dir 1965 The Institutional Treatment of the Narcotic Addict
dir 1969 Odd Man In - Societies of Deviants in America
dir 1970 The Farm
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