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pdf 1996-02-23 Implementation Group Membership.pdf84.68 KB
pdf 1996-04 Fellowship Development Plan.pdf222.99 KB
pdf 1997-03 Transition Group Proposals for WSC 1997.pdf1.81 MB
pdf 1997-04 Transition Group Proposals - Providence, RI.pdf969.89 KB
pdf 1997-04 World Services Development Plan.pdf700.06 KB
pdf 1997-05-29 WSC recap of discussions.pdf157.39 KB
pdf 1997-08 Transition Group Proposals Supplement.pdf242.79 KB
pdf 1997-12-05 Elections at WSC 1998.pdf382.4 KB
pdf 1997-12-05 Transition Group Proposals for the CAR.pdf539.71 KB
pdf 1998-01-10 Summary letters from our legal consultants.pdf647.73 KB
pdf 1998-03-26 Report on Resolution A.pdf3.04 MB
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