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pdf IP01-Who What How and Why 1976.pdf392.46 KB
pdf IP02-The Group 1976.pdf606.59 KB
pdf IP03-So You Love An Addict... 1976 copy.pdf0 B
pdf IP03A-For Those We Love and Others printed post 10-83 wthdrawn WSC 1885.pdf595.22 KB
pdf IP04-We Made A Decision 1976 withdrawn WSC 1980.pdf538.39 KB
pdf IP04A-This Is NA late 1972 unapproved.pdf1.26 MB
pdf IP04B-This is AA 1970.pdf1.46 MB
pdf IP05-Another Look 1976.pdf1.5 MB
pdf IP06-Recovery and Relapse 1976.pdf1.84 MB
pdf IP07-Am I An Addict 1983.pdf531.82 KB
pdf IP08-Chapter 9 Just For Today 1983.pdf478.26 KB
pdf IP09-Living The Program 1983.pdf480.89 KB
pdf IP10-4th Step Inventory Review Copy Pre 1983.pdf1.01 MB
pdf IP11-Sponsorship 1983.pdf663.4 KB
pdf IP12-The Triangle of Self-Obsession 1983.pdf450.68 KB
pdf IP13-Youth and Recovery 1983.pdf498.42 KB
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