Narcotics Anonymous Board of. Trustees Meeting 12 September 1973

jack W. called meeting to order at 8:30. Requested help from all Trustees present - said he had wanted to have the officers get together during the previous month, but this fell thru. Four Trustees present -Jack W., Bob B., Mel H., Marl W.


1. Find a new WSO office location. Decision - have office only. no need to have large area for meetings. We can find. a meeting hall to rent on a weekly (or other) basis In a church or school etc., like NA or AA meetings do.

Bob has been looking for an office to rent In Central Los Angeles area.

Decision - to give Bob carte blanche to find and rent the office. Lease on present place can then be given up.

2. Staff for WSO office. Debbie really doesn't want to stay on; she has a full time job now and. is at the office only part time. Sue is helping her at present. Discussion of whether to have a paid or volunteer worker; decision - we should pay to have someone in office on regular basis. Sue volunteered for the job, and we accepted gratefully. Mel commented that as NA grows, our workers should be paid more.

3. Answering service - Ansa Phone. Mel has an Ansa Phone which he is planning to sell. Jack suggested that N.A. purchase Mel's Ansa Phone. We could. leave a message on it with names and numbers to be called when no one Is In the office. Also we could receive messages to answer later. Thus we could cut down on our answering service bills. Mel says he can get us a deal on a time payment for another instrument if he sells this one. (We could not vote to approve expenditure of this magnitude $250 for Mel's machine - as we did not have a quorum. Mel moved that we buy an Ansa Phone, whether his machine or another. Motion was tabled, due to no quorum.

4. Signature cards for bank. We need to have current officers' signatures on the checking account card at the bank. We need signatures, on file, with any two of the three signing a check. People signing should live fairly close to the office or get In regularly. (Chuck S.,Bob B., Greg P. are on card now.) Carl B., our treasurer, should be a signer - Decision: Carl B., Jack W., Bob B. should sign. Carl can take care of this at the bank. (Any Bank of America branch has the cards.)

5. Financial report. Bob said we got $116 from rummage sale last week. Also we got $219 from the 20th anniversary N.A. banquet.

6. Notice cards for meetings. It was decided we need notice cards sent out reminding people of Trustees' meetings. Bob has been sending out reminders. WSO will send. out notices (similar to those Jack D sends for GSO.)

6. Impounds DSI. Marge D. to check on setting up special accounts for withholding. Mari will check with her to see if this has been done.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20.