Board of Trustees Meeting May 6 1982

Meeting opened at 8:00 p.m. Chairman Chuck S.


Chuck S.

Sally E.


Jack B.

David D.


Jim N.

Mike B.


James D.

Hank M.


Chuck G.


Carl B. - Absent

Bob B. - Absent


Cliff C.- Absent

Greg P.- Absent

Linda G., Secretary pro-tem read minutes of February 13. 1982, meeting/

David C. made motion to approve as read/ Sally E. seconded/ carried unanimously.


NEW BUSINESS: Two Issues to be reviewed, introduced by Chairman Chuck S.

#1) issue of N.A. meeting with/for Nancy Reagan in Atlanta,


#2) Issue concerning a Women's meeting In Memphis, Tennessee. wherein a Memphis member was informed that the meeting was in violation of Traditions by another member. She called Chuck to check this out.

Hank M.- Asked for clarification on the Nancy Reagan Issue.

Chuck S.- Stated that the situation was that a Recovery House held a special purpose meeting for Nancy Reagan, and, a member called

stating he was run off by the Secret Service when he tried to get into that meeting.

Stated that he sees no Tradition violations it was a "special purpose meeting" for Nancy Reagan and the problem was a breakdown in communications among the Georgia region.

Tommy B. (from Atlanta, Georgia) An observer offered clarification: Stated that the meeting was held as a result of contact with the Institution. That the Fire Marshall had come in and set a limit on the number of persons who could attend. A list of people to attend that meeting was checked out by the Secret Service.

Hank M. _ Asked whether this was an N.A. meeting? Stated that it should have been a Press Conference _ not an N.A. meeting. He saw the video of Nancy Reagan talking to a group of adolescents and "Narcotics Anonymous" was in the background of the video's.

General discussion ensued. Board determined with the information at hand there was no violation of Traditions. Chuck S. has requested, from the Recovery House, all facts In writing, audio, and visual and has not received anything as yet.

BOARD moved to second Issue concerning Women's meetings.

Chuck S. _ Stated that he did not see any Tradition violations in a Women's meeting as a special purpose meeting.

David C._ Quoted the Third Tradition stating that "the only requirement for membership Is the desire to stop using", and, does not see a special purpose meeting" in violation of this Tradition.

Sally E. _ Stated that a Group's primary purpose is "to carry the message,to the addict who still suffers". Said that if a meeting bars an addict newcomer from that meeting and tells them "No, you can't come in. Get out", then it is a break and she has not seen a meeting that has barred a suffering addict yet.

Chuck S. _ Called for a decision form the Board on whether or not a special purpose meeting is a break in any of the Traditions, and, that the chair would entertain a motion.

James D._ Stated that it was difficult to vote on something verbally given. Stated that he had an obligation and a responsibility as a Trustee to have the Information in front of him before he makes a decision.

Chuck S. _ Then asked the Board to make a decision on whether or not it was a violation of Traditions to have special purpose/interest meetings. i.e. Men’s, Women's, Gay's, etc.

MOTION made by Mike B. that It was proper to have special Interest groups as long as they don't exclude an addict seeking recovery/ Sally E. seconded.

Chuck S. _ Stated that people have special needs and special interest groups serve these needs. If an addict shows up at a special interest meeting, they should be directed to an 'open meeting', not told to "Get lost". If there are no other meetings they should carry the message to that addict.

Jack B.- Asked, what Tradition was suppose to be violated?

David C.- Stated the Third Tradition applied to ‘membership’ not to

‘admission to a meeting’.

Sally E. _Said that it would be a break of the Fifth Tradition if

the suffering addict who shows up at such a meeting and is not a) Helped or b) Directed to an ‘open meeting’.

MOTION made by Jack B. that special interest groups are not in violation of the Traditions. Not seconded as motion already on the floor. General discussion ensued.

Decision made that original motion stands: That it is not a break in Traditions to have special interest groups. Chairman called to a vote; unanimously carried

Chairman made motion to adjourn/ David C. seconded/ unanimously carried/meeting closed.

Meeting opened up for questions from observers.

The next BOARD OF TRUSTEES Meeting will be held at the 12th World Convention In Milwaukee. Wisconsin. at 9 a.m., on 9/3/82. at the Regency Room.