Present: Trustees _ Bob Barrett, Chuck Skinner, Jack Whaley, Jimmy

Kennon, Bill Beck, Judge Leon Emerson. Rec. Secy _ Marl Wolf.

Bob B called meeting to order at 8:30. He stated that people in Northern California N.A. want to know what we have planned before they will give financial support to the new business office (Central Office.)

Bob: This is to be a realistic evaluation of the business office

situation. At this meeting we should see where we stand, see if we can hire the business manager elected at the convention and pay him, decide on the business office location and staffing.

Mari W gave the financial statement for the Central Services acct, as follows: $210 In bank (N.A. Central Services Organization acct.) 65 more taken In an meeting tonight.

244 left in N.A. Convention account (all expenses paid.) Total: $519 in accounts controlled by N.A. Trustees.

Marl said that the total Southern California Region N.A. income for the 10 months of Jan. 1 _,Nov. 1, 1971 came to $1015, and that regional expenses were almost the same. Much of both this income and these expenditures will be under Central Office jurisdiction, as the Southern .Calif. region has been supplying literature to other regions.

Chuck S said that facilities available at the Central Office location will help with expenses. We will get money from coffee fund, kitties taken up at_N.A._ activities,_ etc.

Bill B: Club house use could help too_we'll get contributions from N.A. meetings held at the Club (if we have it as a combination business office and club house.) The pool table in an Alano Club can bring, in $200 per month.)

Jimmy K: Vending machines _ pool tables _ these aren't right in our World Office.

Jack W: A separate clubhouse is OK. But no pool tables in the N.A. Central office. Alano Clubs are outside enterprises (to A.A.)Our traditions are against having a clubhouse as part of N.A. We can't even lend our name to a "Narano" Club. Having a clubhouse on the same premises as the world office would mean our tacit approval. We can't do this.

Chuck: We can have N.A. meetings at the Central office, and take donations to a coffee fund, etc.

Chuck: Let's discuss the site of our office. Anything we decide now can be changed later. We need to consider availability right now. We can rent the downstairs of Bobís house which is available. If we want to split the rent, Naranon is also looking for office space and could rent some of the available space. Itís the Crenshaw house, where Impact was formerly.

Bob described the Crenshaw house. The downstairs part could be let to N.A. One room can be locked off for an office (is provided with lock at present) The total rent for the house is $200/month. N.A. could have the downstairs part for $100/month. ($100 for both N.A. and Naranon, if we decide to include them)

General discussion of the advisability of having either Naranon or/and Families Anonymous as co-tenants. We might get embroiled in their squabble.

Jack pointed out that Naranon is our original informal

"affiliation."It's the family program recognized by us.

Bill: We can't have "affiliation." A.A. and Alanon work In"Co_operation."If we have "Naranon" sharing our space, we will be giving, them our approval.

Chuck:We're affiliated now In spirit, with Naranon.

Judge Emerson: We're just as affiliated with Families Anonymous.

Chuck: No, we're not., We originally recognized Naranon and still do.

Bob read from the July 23rd minutes (Trustees _ G.S.0 meeting.) which state "that Naranon has always been the auxiliary of N.A."

Bill: Made motion that we don't rent space to either of them (Naranon or Families_Anonymous.)

Bill: This way we'll keep out of their conflict. It's only $50/month under discussion and it's not worth it.

Judge Emerson: Seconded the motion.

Jimmy: Are we doing what our obligation tells us to? Should we be considering this business at all? The Board of Trustees shouldn't be doing this. General Service, not us, should be doing this job.

Jack: At the Convention election, the Trustees were entrusted with the job of setting up the business office.

Jimmy: We should be overseeing our traditions. We shouldn't be doing anything here tonight that will cause conflicts within N.A.

Discussion of possibly rewording Bill's motion.

Jimmy: We don't need the motion.

Judge Emerson: We shouldn't rent to either Naranon or Families Anonymous & be involved in that fight. We can rent to clubs_or other groups if we need the money.

Judge Emerson: Called the question.

Motion carried by vote of 5 to 1. (Chuck S. opposed.)

Bob: Getting back to the question of location, what about Crenshaw house?

Chuck: Are we going, to run into zoning problems?

Bob:. I donít know.

Judge Emerson: Probably we won't be in violation. If so, we can get a variance.

Chuck: Made motion that N.A. rent the bottom half (downstairs part) of the house at 2335 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, as a business office, for $100 per month, subject to legitimacy. (legality. ) Seconded.

Bob: We should inform the N.A. groups of what we're trying to do here.

Judge Emerson: Lets set it up. Start it and then notify the groups; see if they approve what weíve done.

Bill: What weíre doing here tonight should all be brought out at the next joint Trustees _ G.S.O. meeting,. Lots of people In N.A. don't understand how we're set" up organizationally. Part of our responsibility to N.A. as a whole is to keep them informed.

Jack: We were given the responsibility to do this at the election. should do it.

Bob: We have the responsibility and the authority to set up and staff the general service office.

Bill: We have motion made and seconded, but no vote yet.

Bob: Called the motion to vote. (On renting Chrenshaw house)

Motion carried unanimously

Bob: The office will be rented as of Jan. 1 1972

Chuck: Moved a phone be installed under the name of NA=arcotics Anonymous and that the anwsering services available to us how be held for one additional month and then be closed out, with phone service being transfered to the central business office.

Jack: How do we have 24 hour service? We do now.

Bill: We can get a telephone answering machine to record calls. We

should. keep the office locked _ not just anyone who happens to be

there should answer the phone.

Jimmy: Of late records aren't being kept of hot line calls. We need records of all Incoming calls, to be sure people who call In for help don't get lost in the shuffle.

Bob_ Called the question.

Motion carried unanimously. (Phone service will e as of Jan 1st at the business office. Answering services will be continued thru Jan, 31st)

Bob: Now, furnishings. I can give a typewriter. Also a desk. Perhaps a chair. We'll need file cabinets etc. too.

Bill: This can be done by General Service. We canít decide now on everything we're going to need.

Bob: We have painting service offered already. Jack D. has offered.


Bob: These things should probably be brought up at a meeting with the G.S.O. but we should discuss them now.

First: About accepting Bill B_back on Board of Trustees _ Did the Trustees have the authority to re_accept him as Trustee?

Chuck: Who appoints or elects the Trustees? How are they selected?

Bob: Names were sent out to the groups for approval. They were approved.

Jimmy: At the time the Board was set up, people with the greatest amount of N.A. activity were selected and asked if they would serve. All accepted. The names were proposed from the floor at group meetings, and approved by N.A. groups. In the future, people will come from outside N.A. who follow our traditions, and from those who have come up from the groups. No limit set yet as to number of Trustees.

Chuck: Again, but who selects the Trustees?

Jimmy: Names will be offered when there is an opening. Offered from floor of G.S.O. Elected at a general election approved by the General Service.

Jack: On Bill. We arbitrarily voted him back In as Trustee. Now there are repercussions. General Service can fire him by not approving his re_appointment. It can fire any Trustee.

Chuck: It isnít just, local General Services. It's World. We have to get approval _ or disapproval _ of _,N.A. as a whole.

Bill: Trustees themselves have picked other trustees in the past. Judge Emerson, Dorothy _Gildersleeve etc. They werenít elected or approved by the general membership.

Jack: But It's all subject to approval, of N.A. as a whole.

Chuck: We made the decision. If General Services wants to over_rule us, let them bring it up at the next Convention.

Jack: Made motion that we do nothing about it. (Bills re_approval.)Motion seconded.

Jimmy: If groups feel they have a legitimate complaint, let it go through channels. If they do bring this matter up through channels, then we'll consider it.

Bob: Called the question.

Motion carried (no action to be takenon Billís re-approval

Bob: Another matter. Trustees from Northern California Area. Should we add trustees from up north? Iíve talked to Russ and Sylvia up there about serving and theyíre both willing. If there is no opposition, we should submit their names for approval to a full General Service Conference.

Chuck: We should consider people from other areas also - Denver, Phoenix, etc. Trustees should represent N.A. as a whole, in all its areas.

Jimmy: Letís not get carried away. Being a trustee is a big job. Letís not get top heavy with Trustees from all over till we get rolling as we want to. Like AA letís get more non-addict Trustees who can carry our message as we canít. Thereís still a stigma attached to drug addiction. Get move non-addicts on the board.

Bob:4,ou U: Two people have approached me. One is a doctor (in A.A.) who, works with addicts. One is a man from the Drug and Alcohol School. Both are willing to serve in any capacity.

Jimmy: With our central office and a central place to meet, we can get people together more easily.

Chuck: Right now our big job is to get Central Office started on Jan. 1st. If the business manager doesn't want to come to Crenshaw, we can get along without him. If we find a more suitable, reasonable place, we can move February lst.

Bill: Frank wants a house he can live in. He doesn't like the Crenshaw House. He wants to be in Hollywood.

Chuck: We'll manage. Weíll get the office open.

Bill: We should delegate one to inform G.S.O. of what weíve


Bob: Jan. 19th. at the G.S.O. meeting at Crenshaw House we can inform them.

Jimmy: We can update our old procedure (structure) manual we prepared In 1962.Use It to inform people of how N.A. is set up and how it operates

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.