BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING _ September 3, 1982 Page 1

Meeting opened at 10:00 a.m. Chairman Chuck S.

ROLL CALL: Present: Chuck S. Calif.

Jim N. Nebraska

Greg P. Oregon

Mike B. Virginia

Cindy D., Secretary pro_temp. read minutes of last month's meeting/ motion made to approve/seconded/carried unanimously.


#1) Chuck S. read letter from Bobby B., Philadelphia, Pa., dated 7/14/82 regarding "Fund Raising Monies" and Board of Trustees response letter dated 8/7/82. Discussion ensued.

#2) Read letter from Beth N., Fort Laud, Florida, dated 6/25/82 regarding "Group's who refuse to participate in Area Service Meetings" and Board of Trustee's response letter dated 8/7/82 which quoted the 4th Tradition "Each Group should be autonomous, etc."

#3) Read letter from Ellen K., Miami. Florida. dated 7/10/82 regarding a "Closed Meeting" and Board of Trustees response letter dated 8/7/82.


#1)RE:"The N.A. WAY" Magazine; Sub_committee of WSC_82; Lisbon, Ohio.

Chuck S. read letter from Jim M., Co_Chairman/Editor of N.A. WAY dated 7/26/82 and response letter from WSC_83 Administration Committee dated 8/31/82 directed to them as well as letter to Board of Trustees (same date). The issue is that the N.A. WAY is in violation of Traditions and should be under the umbrella of the World Service Office in order to be properly and legally protected as the World Service Conference is not structured in such a way as to be able to do this.

Chuck S. stated that, at this point, the NA WAY Is a private enterprise. He personally feels that it is an excellent publication. And, it either should set itself up as its own corporation or follow proper channels through the WSO for publication.

Copies of minutes of WSC_82 given to Trustee members; discussion ensued.

Greg P. re_read Bob R.'s letter of 8/31/82 by WSC. Question raised; "Is It proper for the 'NA WAY" to be under the umbrella of WSC?". Discussion ensued. It was pointed out the WSC "effects N.A. as a whole"; therefore, this Issue Is Important.

Greg P. made a motion that the Board of Trustees respond to the letter from WSC_Admin. Committee stating; motion withdrawn.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING. September 3, 1982, continued: Page 2

Chuck S. stated that we were not here to decide whether we agreed or disagreed, but to decide what Tradition was in violation: Tradition 6?

Greg P. made a motion that based on the 6th Tradition the World Service Conference cannot endorse, finance, or lend the N.A. name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property or prestige divert us from our primary purpose. However, the Board of Trustees wishes to encourage the continuation of this particular enterprise as it is very beneficial to the Fellowship. Seconded by Jim N./discussion ensued/ voted upon and passed with one abstention.

#2) Greg P. brought_up that concerns have arisen between the

difference of a Group and a Meeting. Chuck S. replied that they are all governed by the Traditions and read the definition of a Group from the Service Structure.

Greg P. requested that it be placed in the minutes: "Any Meeting of N.A. is bound by the principles which are the Steps and Traditions".

#3) Chuck S. stated that the Board of Trustees have dealt with

personal problems thus far, but NOW things should be straightened out through the Groups, the A.S.C.'s. the R.S.C.'s, etc. However, if no solution can be brought about, it can then come to the Board of Trustees. After going through proper channels and procedures.

#4) Mike B. stated that he had some concerns on financial dealings.

Discussion ensued.

Chairman. Chuck S.. entertained motion to close meeting/seconded/passed.

Meeting was then opened up for questions from observers.

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held:


Nov 13 1982 -8 0 0 Pm 8114 FLA LL ON