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dir 1950-06-18 New York Times
dir 1951 Body, Mind & Sugar
dir 1951 Facts About Narcotics
dir 1951-02 American Journal Of Public Health
dir 1951-04-27 New York Times
dir 1951-05-07 Time Magazine
dir 1951-10 Family Circle
dir 1951-12-05 People Today
dir 1952 The Narcotics Menace
dir 1953-02 The Night Cap
dir 1953-03 Look Magazine
dir 1953-11 Confidential Magizine
dir 1954-05-05 Down Beat Magazine
dir 1954-08-07 Saturday Eveving Post - These Addicts Cure One Another
dir 1954-Monkey on my Back by Wenzell Brown
dir 1954-Narcotics and Narcotic Addiction - 1st Edition
dir 1954-The Bane of Drug Addiction
dir 1955-03-09 Down Beat Magazine
dir 1955-04 Listen Magazine
dir 1956-08-21 New York Times - Daniel L. Carlsn Obituary
dir 1956-Merchants of Misery
dir 1956-The Drug Addict As A Patient
dir 1957-Law and Contemporary Problems
dir 1958-01- New York Post - Drug Addicts USA
dir 1958-ReallyLiving-DannyCarlsenSeries
dir 1959-Who Live In Shadow
dir 1962-09-Catholic Digest
dir 1962-Problems in Addiction
dir 1963-The Addict by Dan Wakefield
dir 1964-04-24 From Crisis to Crisis article, War Cry
dir 1964-The Junkie Priest
dir 1965 Drug Addiction in Youth
dir 1965-01 Pageant - The Junkie Priest
dir 1965-Mainline to Nowhere by Y. Kron and E. Brown
dir 1965-Understanding and Helping the Narcotic Addict
dir 1966-Narcotics - An American Plan by S. Jeffee
dir 1969-Odd Man In
dir 1970-How to Fight the Drug Menace
dir 1970-Marijuana - Danny Carlsen chapter
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